Yes we are a android and ios development company based in Mumbai.

We offers custom mobile app development services. We build native applications for iPad, iPhone and Android.

We use some
Cutting edge technologies

The mobile application development services include:

  • Development of native iOS and Android clients

  • Creating design of mobile app

  • Building independent back-end system or creating API to connect mobile app with the existing website

  • Integration with external services, Google Maps, payment processors, social media sites and other public APIs

  • Converting an existing iOS app into Android app and vice versa

  • QA testing, bug fixing and further development of existing mobile applications

Our customers get advantage of an effective development approach. We:

  • Build trendy mobile design

  • Develop platform-specific solutions

  • Send updates and new features right to the client’s phone on a day-to-day basis

  • Perform quality assurance on a variety of hardware configurations

Whatever idea you have, the skilled engineers of Codzera will build your dream mobile app and help you to conquer the world.